Make Your Custom Hard Cases For Less

Our Hard Cases + Your Brand Name

We have 18 different sizes of waterproof cases in up to 8 standard colors with custom colors available. (70+ sizes of non-waterproof cases available too.)

Why Condition 1?

  • Sell your own brand of IP67 waterproof  hard cases or co-brand with Condition 1.
  • Wrap your product in quality to enhance and differentiate your business.
  • Switch to our cases and save.

Our Quality…

  • IP67 Dust & Waterproof protection keeps your belongings safe and dry.
  • Custom Cut Foam cushions your weapons, collectibles and electronics.
  • Panel Mounts allow electronics to be mounted within.
  • Padded Dividers cushion your video and camera equipment.
  • Lifetime Warranty – We back what we sell.
  • Custom Finishing Options – Plates, stickers, silkscreen and more.
  • Made in USA Texas – No coastal overhead. Get your cases for less.

We Offer…

  • We are the largest custom case and bag manufacturer in the US.
  • We warehouse. We can ship as needed.
  • We rotomold, thermoform, injection mold, blow mold, and soft sew bags, backpacks and more.
  • We have CAD designers to custom fit your products or design new cases.
  • We have very flexible payment terms.
  • Custom manufacturing for over 35 years.

Get a Quote.

Condition 1 is a Royal Case Company brand. Visit our parent site at to request a quote.